3rd Avolavit Festival

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Aerials & more

26-29 May 2023

More than 100 hours of teaching guided by great circus artists!

The teachers will reveal their secrets in order to improve your technique, develop your creativity and help you to make the artist you wish to be.

Join us to our 3rd Aerials & More Festival in Bruxelles!!!

This year our special guest will be Karina Guzmán Tovar that comes directly from Mexico!!! She will teach Lyra, Duo Lyra, Trapeze and her unique stretching technique.

Karina Guzmán Tovar from Mexico

Also we have 3 wonderful artists from ESAC. Lorena Menade, Andrea González and Selma Hellmann in Straps, Silks, Rope and other ground activities!!!

Lorena Menade from Italy

Andrea González from Mexico

Selma Hellmann from Germany

Notre hôte, Sandrine, will be there with many great ground activities 🙂


Esteban will share with us his aerial univers and vertical danse!


And finally, Avolavit (Damián, Géraldine, Lola, Marie-Chiara and Tina) will be with you in Silks and duo Silks.



Ecole du cirque volant EcCiVol

À côté de l’école st Lambert, 113, Rue Stevens-Delannoy 119, 1020 Bruxelles, Belgique


We will have 4 days of activities in all Aerials and some ground activites. We will have special warming and stretching classes for everyone!

Saturday night we will have and open stage for everyone and we will dinner together.

Every day we will have lunch together.