Karina Guzmán Tovar (Mexico)


Degree in Hispanic Language and Literature, FES ACATLAN
Degree in Contemporary Dance Teaching, NELLIE AND GLORIA CAMPOBELLO 2005
I was a professional dancer for 8 years with choreographers like Oscar Ruvalcaba, Luis
Gabriel Zaragoza, Vicente Silva, Rosario Verea, Jorge Chanona, Victor Hugo Reyes.
I participated as a choreographer in the 1st ISSSTE Contemporary Dance Meeting, at the
20 years, winning 3rd place as an original work.

At the age of 22 I traveled to Barcelona where I met the circus and I was taking free classes at the Rogelio Rivel circus school for 5 months, in addition to participating in functions of community centers and squatter houses in Barcelona.
Returning to Mexico I continue preparing myself by taking master classes and workshops with Karen Bernal, Miriam Edo, Cinthia Beranek and Kiko Caldas from Cirque du Soleil. Continuing my training with teachers like Lola Castelli among others, increasing my training with personal and self-taught search.

In 2011, he started a project for air classes north of the city, called Calembur. 3 years later we changed our headquarters and Calembur was established as a Circus space and scene. Almost 10 years after Calembur was born, we have presented our work in
various public spaces such as squares, shopping malls, casinos, as well as schools and

The students year after year present a thematic function which I direct, having already 6
thematic functions, being in charge of an average of 50 students of different ages
by assembly.
Calembur has hosted multiple teachers from many parts of the world, opening the
opportunity for their students and external people to train with them.

In 2015 I started working with my partner, Juan Amezcua, linking music and the circus.
We participated in the 1st El Tendedero meeting, organized by Tránsito 5, for new works,
with the unpublished work of original music and original texts, TRANSMIGRACIONES
In 2016 the Avolavit Association invites us to give workshops in Paris, which we repeat for 3 consecutive years, travaelling to Brussels, Warsaw and Italy.

2018 was a year of assembly and creation of a work called Death and other stories,
with which we toured in different circus in Paris, Brussels and Italy, in the latter country
with the RIADA Festival.

In 2019 I was in Fukuoka, Japan, where I participated in a series of functions such as
guest at an Association called Tiempo Iberoamericano.
2020, Calembur begins its year with almost 130 students and with projects full of circus.

In October 2020 together with MEXA productions and Realizing ideas, transforming
Calembur in a magical space to do a live broadcast of a play where she is the Stage Director and Juan Amezcua, the creator of all the music, SOÑAR, with more than
1700 reproductions in real time.

2021 was a year full of growth, giving online workshops with students from all over the world, from Japan, Paris, Chicago, Los Angeles, Argentina, etc. Giving workshops in this
hybrid modality of flexibility, choreography in aerial apparatus and training for aerial.
During this same year I had the opportunity to take choreographic creation workshops with Karen Bernal from Ilaii Cia. sharing ideas with artists from the Teatro de la
Finzi Pasca’s caress, as well as continuing to train with teachers from a Argentina and Spain.

In 2022 we had several participations with the Ballet Folklórico del Estado de México at
by Dolores Menchaca, with whom we continue to work for 2023 on a commissioning

Calembur has been a seedbed of great teachers and teachers in Mexico and circus artists, and hope to continue doing so, for many more years.

The base of the aerial workshops (fabric, trapeze, hoop, cradle and rope) that as director of Calembur and company have developed, look for organic and smooth movement in the aerial apparatus, through impulses and suspensions, without neglecting the figures
static, which start from an investigation of balance between strength and flexibility. The movement in aerial apparatus must correspond to the subtlety of balance-
imbalance that the natural capacity of each body provides.

Every body is capable of achieving dynamic sequences in different ranges of movement, according to the freedom and confidence that each one achieves. During the workshops, my objective is to open an opportunity to discover the body in the air. In hoop and trapeze, my research has been to collaborate to bring closer, with different types of bodywork, students to their own meeting.

Hoping and working because this dream never ends and continues to grow.


Hoop workshop in duo.

Finding new paths that adapt to each body according to its shapes, weights, characteristics, it is the main search engine of the duo ring workshop that I have committed to developing. Because not all of us feel, nor do we experience the same sensations of weight, rotation, speed, strength, endurance, elongation. And these characteristics are extremely important when we work in an aircraft with another human being, since we must to find a way to listen and respond to the needs of our partner within the development of a routine. It’s not just about putting together a sequence full of tricks, for me it’s about enjoying the process and let ourselves be surprised by what your body and that of the other person dialogue, through very specific premises that I will provide you during the days of the workshop. Searching as a result a choreography with elements of turn, charged, escapes and design space on floor Hoping that our flights find us in a beautiful vertex.

Dance Trapeze Workshop.

Looking to dance on the trapeze, spin, swing and make our apparatus our partnering, without neglecting the development of basic sequences on the trapeze. Play that our trapezoid becomes a hoop, a cradle or a cloth, and look for an element of these devices and adapt them to the trapezoid.

Flexibility workshop

From joint mobility, strength and resistance exercises, our search will be generate the amplitude of movement adapting them to the possibilities of each body, as well how to develop training methods specific to each individual and their areas of chance.

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