Sandrine Streef

At 24 years old, she discovers aerial silks while watching a TV show.

She takes part in several trainings in the « espace catastrophe » for silks but also for several other disciplines including clown, aerial hoop, trapeze, among others. Aerial silks will however remain her strong field.

In 2005, she leaves « l’espace catastrophe » and meets Fill Deblock from « l’atelier du trapeze » (the trapeze studio) who is a trainer in the Cirque du Soleil. He takes her as a student and teaches her in private classes.
With his guidance, she presents a new show called ‘Shiva’ which combines charm dance et aerial silks.
She will then go on a two years tour in Belgium and France to present this show and wins the « éros d’or » in 2008 which selection is based on the choice of costumes, the staging, the aesthetic and refinement present in a particular show.

Alongside, she continues to work as an artist in different events which have taken her to significant meetings such as the San Remo Festival, the 100 years anniversary of Siemens in Luxembourg. She acted in front of the Prince Guillaume and the most famous Belgian politicians during the 10 years anniversary of the Louvain Foundation (UCL). She also took part in a show commemorating the 20 years ruling of King Albert II and celebrating Prince Philippe’s succession to the Crown in Brussels. It was performed in front of 50 000 people and involved lightening, sound effects and fireworks.

Sandrine teaches adults as well as adolescents and children. On a daily basis, she goes beyond technique and loves perceiving the joy she brings to her students when they discover their own capacities. She encourages personal evolution from technical skills to artistic but always make sure that the student feels ready for it. By this, a dialogue based on creation is created between the teacher and the student.

A l’âge de 24 ans, elle découvre le tissu aérien à travers une émission télévisée.

Elle participe à de nombreux entraînements de tissu à « l’espace catastrophe »


Technical work for spins on aerial silks.

Introduction to aerial hoop.

From technique to creation : an act is not only technique but also a story, a mood, an emotion and there is a need to focus on what the audience sees, understands and interprets.

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